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App Concept: Concept, Design, UI, Prototype, Research, Beginning Development using Swift


Inspired by my daughter and her friend texting each other on their mothers’ phones, I came up with an app idea for the families who have children too young to have their own phones, but old enough to  text friends.  My idea was to have a child version, where they could only message with approved contacts and people within their own family, and a parent version, with access to their children’s messages and control over contacts.  This was just a fun idea I had so I could learn a bit more about the process of app development, but I found that I lacked the time to build this on my own, so if someone could finish building this app so my kids’ friends would stop texting me, that would be great, thanks!

This simply is just a family  and child friendly messenger app.  I came up with the idea to solve a need in my own family, during the developmental process, some of the designs and ideas changed, but  this is the original prototype.  I named the app after my childhood pet guinea pig, Snicker, she was loud and chatty.  Also, a  muddle is a group of guinea pigs, because I’m nothing if not thorough with my random ideas.