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Graphic Design


I love a good infographic, and I have done dozens over the years.  Being a visual person, I love when information is displayed in a graphically interesting and simplified way. I would not be sad if all information was presented to me like that from now on. Also I’m sure my friends and family love it when I’m working on an infographic spout random bits of information at all times. Below are 4 samples that I have done.

The Psychology of Twitter

This is actually a couple of years old, so the information is no longer up to date, but I always liked how this one turned out, super clean and easy to read and find information.

7 Most Iconic Looks of Bowie

We decided to honor David Bowie with infographic.  This one was fun to do because I got to do some illustrating by hand, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

Occupational Therapy Through the Ages

This is from my “I’m gonna put photos in all the infographics” phase, I like the vintage feel of this, while still using a pretty bright color palette to liven up the image.

Facts About Global Outbreak of STDs

Even though this is a fairly serious subject matter, I decided to go with a bit more comical and fun feel to make to make more of an impact and promote share-ability.