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Landing Page: Concept, Design, Wire-Framing, UX & UI, Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

eLearners Pop Up form

Using a “mobile first” mentality, I designed a type of landing page never before used by eLearners, to hide the form on load, but make it more easily accessible throughout the rest of the page, so users can browse the information without losing form leads and functionality. The main purpose of this project was to change the way that users interact with our landing pages, seamlessly blending form and function,  without losing leads. 

360x640 is the top screen resolution of all devices, a lot of people will only see your site on their phone, and I am not of mindset that mobile devices are just tiny computers, they are different machines and people interact differently with then than they do with desktop computers.  It is probably MORE important that your site looks good on mobile more so than desktop.

These pages are built but still under construction, email me for links.

Pop Up Form Prototype 

Having a sticky CTA on the bottom of the screen where the user’s thumb usually is, will make the form (the purpose of this page is to get users to fill out the form) easy to access, even while the user is scrolling through the content on the page.  The mock on the left shows the final design, and how long the page is, a lot of users would be more likely to abandon the page than scroll all the way up to the top to access a form. 


Desktop for this project was built separately, still with a pop up form. You can see the final mock to the right and the original prototype below. (side note: sometimes I get sick of latin and use lorem ipsum alternatives)