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About Me

Lonnie King

I grew up in a small farm town in Iowa before graduating from Iowa State University with a Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in digital media. I moved to the greater Seattle area right after graduation and I haven’t looked back since! I have been working for EducationDynamics for the last 9 years, with a little freelance on the side to keep things spicy.  

I have been in the design game for 15 years, web design/development, graphics, motion, project management and so much more!

I’m a little different
and thats ok

Designers are essentially problem solvers, whether it’s figuring out a tricky bit of code, finding the perfect font or color palette, or just trying to get all of the copy provided to fit and look good, every project has it’s own set of problems. I sometimes feel like “graphic designers” are a dime a dozen, but a GOOD designer, is a style chameleon, someone who can look past their own styles and blend easily with every project thrown at them.  Knowing that it’s not always what YOU think looks best, but what works.  It’s about what gets the demographic you are aiming for to sit up and take notice, and that is not always easy.  I’ve seen a lot of designers get run down because the job is not what they dreamt, they are not doing the branding and fun aspects they thought they would be.

I think working with designers’ strengths and weaknesses, giving them projects they are most suited for, will help in the long run, a miserable designers’ work will suffer and no one wants that.  I believe it’s imperative to talk WITH designers, not at them.  Don’t just tell them that something doesn’t work, first tell them what DOES, tell them why, tell them why something doesn’t work, then work with them to fix it, don’t just hand them the answer.  I think you should want the best out of your designers, I think you should want them to learn and excel and that benefits the entire team and project. Working together to make each other better, THAT is the kind of team I want to be on.