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The “Creative Process” Explained By Comics (via Buzzfeed)

They all suck, but the Blender and Crammer are the WORST.

I have a slight Buzzfeed obsession, its bad.  Anywho, I saw this article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/copyranter/the-creative-process-as-explained-by-comics.  I do some work with some larger companies, and some of these I am like YES! PREACH IT!  Especially this one.  I can probably put a name to every single one of these.  Don’t get...Read More »


Hi Blogisphere! Welcome to Random Ramblings!  Which is probably the most perfect blog name ever, because that is EXACTLY what this blog is going to be about.  It could be a project that I’m super excited about, it could be a craft project or recipe I saw on Pinterest that...Read More »