My Services

I can do so many magical wizard-like things, just Pay no attention to that man (female graphic designer) behind the curtain (computer).

Webdesign Webdesign

Design, production (HTML, PHP, Java, CSS) or if you want to get dynamic with WordPress or really wild and crazy with Drupal… guess what!?! I CAN DO THAT!

Banner Design Banner Design

Need some web banners, graphic quotes or infographics created to bring traffic to your site? I can do those!

Blog Design Blog Design

Have a blog? Great! Is it boring and plain and not personalized at all? Not so great… need help? I can do that!

HTML Emails HTML Emails

From design to code (or if you need help with MailChimp or Constant Contact) , I can do that!

Print Design Print Design

Print ads, brochures, business cards, postcards, signs, etc… I can do all those things!

Video Editing Video Editing

Have some video feed/images/sound you need storyboard and put together?  Want to add some animation?  Good News! I can do that!

Recent Ramblings

31 August

The “Creative Process” Explained By Comics (via Buzzfeed)

I have a slight Buzzfeed obsession, its bad.  Anywho, I saw this article:  I do some work with some larger companies, and some of these I am like YES! PREACH IT!  Especially this one.  I can probably put a name to every single one of these.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE what I […]

25 February


Hi Blogisphere! Welcome to Random Ramblings!  Which is probably the most perfect blog name ever, because that is EXACTLY what this blog is going to be about.  It could be a project that I’m super excited about, it could be a craft project or recipe I saw on Pinterest that turned out so fabulous, it […]