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project manager

CREATIVE direction 

If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it  ~Albert Einstein

What i do

From web-design & development, print, creative project management and direction, I’m your one stop shop.  I’ve been in the thick of it for over 14 years. I have learned a lot on my way and I apply that knowledge to every aspect of my job.

Project Management

Having dozens of projects going at one time, means knowing who is working on what (and who would be the best fit for that project), when they need to be done, and where each project is on its timeline, all at once. It lets me stretch super hero level multi-tasking muscles. Don’t worry, I’ll leave my cape at home.

Creative Direction

It is easy to miss something when you are staring a project for hours/days/weeks at a time.  Sometimes you are so focused on one part, you miss something else, that’s why having a second pair of eyes to review is vital.  I am a firm believer that all criticism must be constructive in order to help a designer create their best work. 


I still like to get my hands dirty and keep my skills sharp.  Web design/development, branding, emails, graphics, print, UX design, presentations and much more, if I haven’t done it yet, I view it as an opportunity to learn and grow.  I’ve worked on luxury real estate, spa, online education, construction, tech, athletics and so much more.  

Things people have actually
said to me

“Lonnie, I hope you guys know that the caliber of design work you are creating is both recognized and highly appreciated on this end of things. Thank you for being awesome.”


Luxury Powerpoint Project

“Well, I’m not a CSS master like you are.” (nicely, not sarcastically, just FYI) Co-Worker

Collaborating on Landing Page Development

“Noooo, please don’t gooooo” Co-Worker & Supervisor

Once I Decided to Move on From Current Job

“Are you like, some kind of artist or something?” Random 2nd Grader

Art Docent Class

“Lonnie, as ever, you amaze and delight. The whole team is grateful for the quick turnaround!” Client

House Ads

“Can’t we just clone Lonnie?” Co-Worker

Trying to Hire a New Designer

My Latest Work

Just a few snippets, want to see more? Contact me at the bottom of this page, this site is still a work in progress, but I can send you so much more!


Say Hello!

Want to see my resume, more work, or just ask questions? Email me and I’ll say hello back!